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Crafter Guitars

Founded in 1972, the Korean manufacturer Crafter can now look back on 50 years of company history.
It all began in the 20m² basement of company founder HyunKwon Park, under the name "Sungeum", which translates as "perfection of sound".

Under this guiding principle, the company, which has been called Crafter since 1986, still builds instruments today that meet the highest standards and are now exported and sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

We ourselves are completely convinced of the sound, aesthetics and quality of Crafter guitars and maintain personal contact with the company.

Rhino letzten Besuch in Korea mit der Familie Park
This Picture was taken when Rhino und Harita visited Crafter and the Park family in 2021
(L-R.: InJae Park (CEO), Rhino and Harita (Unicorn), John Park (Team Leader), HyunKwon Park (Founder))
Crafter Necks
Crafter Necks before glueing to the Bodys
Crafter Inlays
Fretboards routed and prepared for Inlays
Crafter Inlays
The storage and drying of the woods is particularly important for the quality of the guitars.
The woods in the picture have been waiting for more than 10 years to be processed
Crafter Inlays
Rhino wanted to thank the quality manager in person.