Acoustic Guitar FURCH OOM 31 SR VINTAGE + LR BAGGS Elemet Active - Parlour - all solid + hardcase

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Large view Acoustic Guitar FURCH OOM 31 SR VINTAGE + LR BAGGS Elemet Active - Parlour - all solid + hardcase
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The OOM 31 SR guitar comes with a Sitka Spruce top and choice of the ever-popular Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. This is the first model line to feature Furch's beautiful hand-brushed Vintage Finish. A truly great choice.

The guitar is already equipped with the Element Active pickup from LR Baggs. Unlike typical undersaddle acoustic guitar pickups that are dependent on string compression for their sound, the Element was engineered to mirror the soundboard’s actual movement as you play. At the heart of the pickup, a flexible film sensor only 2 thousandths of an inch thick picks up the guitar’s most delicate nuances. Tracking the motion of the top rather than a direct string attack suppresses “quack” caused by compression and unlocks the Element’s unrivaled dynamic range. The pickup’s minimalist construction lessens any influence on the acoustic properties and creates an intimate coupling between the pickup and guitar for the highest fidelity possible

  • Beautiful Parlour guitar made by FURCH
  • Excellent balanced sound with warm midrange, brilliant treble and good dynamic range
  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Form: Parlour
  • 65 cm Scale length
  • Fretboard width at nut: 45mm / Tusq
  • Fretboard: Ebony / 17 Frets / Mother of Pearl Dots
  • Bridge: Ebony / Ebony Pins
  • Top: solid sitka spruce / Aged
  • Back/sides: solid Indian rosewood
  • Binding: Black & White Lining
  • Soundhole decoration: Black & White Triple Ring
  • Neck: Mahogany / Satin Smooth-Slide Finish
  • Finish: Vintage Hand-Brushed Finish
  • Tuning Machines: Furch Machine Chrome - Gear Ratio 1:15
  • Pickup: LR BAGGS Elemet Active
  • Case: Hiscox / Leightweight hardcase
  • Action, nut and neck sag are adjusted to the optimum setting in our workshop.
Starting on 2 January 2017, you will receive a certificate of origin from us with every purchase to document the fact that the palisander or bubinga wood used in your instrument comes from legal harvesting and trade.

The reason is the following:
At the World Wildlife Conference in Johannesburg in September 2016, all palisander and bubinga species were added to the so-called CITES Appendix II. The inclusion in CITES II means that starting on 2 January 2017 trade with these wood species will not be prohibited entirely but will be subject to restrictions. This will involve a lot of additional bookkeeping for producers, wholesalers, retailers, and guitar makers, but not for you.

What do the new trade restrictions mean for musicians and owners of instruments?

No additional verification documents are necessary for ownership as such.

Travel inside the EU:

No special precautions are necessary for travel inside the EU.

Travel to non-EU countries:

Instruments made of the wood species in question may be taken to non-EU countries without verification documents as long as the weight of the wood protected by CITES II in all musical instruments together is less than 10 KG. The weight of transport containers and accessories is not included.

A verification document is recommended for resale. As a rule, this is the commercial invoice (which you receive from us) or a certificate confirming that the instrument was made using legal CITES II wood. If you do not have such documentation, the customs officials or the competent regional authorities may confiscate the products if they are being offered for private sale. If you have kept your invoices for instruments purchased before 2 January 2017 or can provide other clear evidence (e.g., inventory in your tax return, import documents...) that the instruments were purchased before 2 January 2017, you should keep these documents in a safe place and leave a copy with the instruments. No further measures are necessary for the time being.

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