Acoustic Amplifier - ULTRASOUND AG50/DS4 (by Dean Markley)

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Large view Acoustic Amplifier - ULTRASOUND AG50/DS4 (by Dean Markley)

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Big in the USA and virtually unknown in Europe, Ultrasound (by Dean Markley) has a large range of acoustic amplification. The AG50 DS4 is certainly a popular amp Stateside and has a homely, rather seventies look to it. The slightly sloping fronted cabinet is covered with a light tan leatherette, which could be a little tidier in places, with chromed metal protectors on each corner and an old-style hi-fi speaker-type grille cloth that hides the two eight-inch coaxial speakers. It’s actually a stereo 25W-per-side unit. It’s not overly weighty at 10.9kg (24lb), so it’s easy to carry with the top-mounted handle.

  • Made by Dean Markley
  • Channel 1:

  • INPUT-1: This combo input is designed for both MIC level (XLR) (XLR input provides Phantom power) or Instrument level (¼") signals. (The ¼" TRS Tip/Ring/Sleeve input jack is suited for equipment such as high-impedance microphones, keyboards and drum machines. It accepts both balanced and unbalanced inputs) (Channel-1 is designed as a generic "flat response" channel which is suitable for any acoustic instrument level or microphone signal)
    VOLUME: Controls the overall volume level of CHANNEL-1.
    BASS: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the low frequency range.
    TREBLE: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the high frequency range.

  • INPUT-2: Combo Input designed for both MIC level (XLR) and Instrument level (¼") signals. (Channel-2 is designed primarily for acoustic guitar) Try both channels to find out which channel works best for your application, some players like Channel-1 and others prefer Channel-2. With the myriad of guitars, pick-up systems, and playing styles out there, one of the channels will sound great with your gear. (XLR input provides Phantom power)
    VOLUME: Controls the overall volume of CHANNEL-2.
    BASS: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the low frequency range.
    TREBLE: Adjusts the amount of cut or boost in the high frequency range.
    Notch Filter HZ: Sets the frequency of the 18db cut NOTCH FILTER that is used to control resonant feedback.
    Notch Filter: ON/OFF - Enables or disables the notch filter control.
    Shape: ON/OFF This toggle switch enables or disables the SHAPE control. The shape control is a mid dip control. In the on position the mid frequencies will be cut and the high and low frequencies will be boosted.

  • (CH-1)(CH-2): (DIGITAL EFX Assign): This 3 way toggle switch allows the digital effects to be routed to CH-1, CH-2, or if in the middle position will supply effects for both channels. EFX-List
    LEVEL: (DIGITAL EFX) Controls the amount of digital effect mixed in to the guitar signal from 0% to 50%
    MODE: (DIGITAL EFX) This is a rotary encoder, which selects 1 of 16 different digital effects. See Digital Effects Program List.
    MASTER VOLUME: Adjusts the overall loudness of the amplifier.
    PILOT LIGHT/LIMIT INDICATOR: When GREEN, this LED indicates that the power is turned on. If the power amplifier reaches full power output, the on board Limiter will be enabled and this LED will turn RED. The Limiter allows the amplifier to be played at full power without unwanted distortion.

    AG-50DS4 Back Panel

  • DS4 Back Panel AC INPUT: Connect the female end of the AC line cord here. Connect the male plug to a suitable source of line voltage. Refer to the voltage information on the back of the amplifier for its voltage and current requirements. This connector also acts as the main fuse holder and includes a compartment for a spare fuse.
    POWER: This rocker switch turns the AC power ON and OFF.
    EFX F.S. (FOOTSWITH): This jack is for connection to a shorting footswitch. When the switch is closed the on board Digital EFX will be bypassed.
    EFX SEND: This jack provides an unbalanced output signal from the CHANNEL-2 preamp for supplying signals to external low-level effects or signal processing equipment. This signal is "pre" tone controls. (The tone controls will not affect the EFX SEND signal)
    EFX RETURN: Input for returning signals from external low-level effects or signal processing equipment. This signal is pre tone controls and EFX. (CHANNEL-2 tone controls and on board digital EFX will affect this signal)
    LINE OUT: This jack provides an unbalanced out put from the preamp that is post eq and post efx. This send can be used to feed a signal to a recording or sound reinforcement mixer. Additionally this output can be used to drive a slave amp such as the ULTRASOUND AG-50E.
    DIRECT OUT: Balanced output signal used to feed recording or sound reinforcement equipment. This signal is post eq and post efx but is pre MASTER VOLUME.
    TAPE/CD: Unbalanced phono (RCA) input jacks. This is an auxiliary input designed for use with a drum machine, tape player, CD player, etc. and can be used for playing prerecorded music.
    TAPE/CD LEVEL: This "inset" control adjusts the volume level of the TAPE/CD input. This control can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. This signal is pre MASTER control which means that the MASTER volume setting will affect the loudness of the TAPE/CD input signal.
  • Weight. 12 Kg
  • Size: Widht: 46cm / Depht 26cm / Height 36cm
  • Including 3 m jack cable
  • 230V / 50Hz

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