Acoustic Amplifier - ACUS ONE CREMONA - Wood - 4x channel (3x instrumental / independently controllable)

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Large view Acoustic Amplifier - ACUS ONE CREMONA - Wood - 4x channel (3x instrumental / independently controllable)

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ACUS has the luxury of looking back on a long tradition. The company owner and his son Ferdinando Emanuele, have been working together with a bunch of international artists. The sound quality is paramount. For more than 15 years the ACUS team developed first-class amplifiers for leading companies in the field of acoustics. All of that know-how and research has now gone into a product of their own.

Acus Oneforstrings “CREMONA” has be designed for violin, viola and classic guitar. The amplifier is equipped with TSF System, a custom audio preamplifier integrated circuit created and designed by Acus R&D department in Recanati.
The TSF System, thanks to a perfect even/odd harmonic balance, is able to create natural sounds and accurately reproduce all harmonics of acoustic lutherie instruments. Acus “Cremona” completes the Oneforstrings line, that is already a worldwide cut reference in the acoustic instrument amplification and now consists of eleven amplifiers and one extension.
Every Oneforstrings amp has a minimalist and innovative design, natural wood cabinet and custom speakers. All the products are designed and produced in Italy, in the renowned traditional manufacturing industry of Recanati.

Exclusive high fidelity acoustic preamplifier ( TSF System based). Features 3 inputs complete with Peak Led, 4Bands EQ, HFS filter, Effect Send, Phantom Power and Volume, Aux input with dedicated volume, Direct Out (with -10dB and PRE/POST switches) and manual “feedback cancelled” filter. Headphone output (with volume control) and 4 high-quality effects (with return eff. control) complete the melty faceted features of the system.

  • Made in Italy
  • 200 Watt
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20KHz
  • 1x 8" Bass speaker
  • 1x Compression Tweeter
  • 2x Bassreflex
  • 4x Channels / 3x independently controllable ( 4-Band EQ / Volume Controls / Gain / Reverb-Send / HFS Filter)
  • Phantom Voltage (Channel 1 - 3)
  • 1x AUX-In / Volume Control
  • 1x Direct-Out (XLR)
  • Headphone / Volume Controll
  • Peak LED per Channel
  • 4x different Reverbs
  • Master- Volume
  • Master Reverb
  • Master Resonance Filter
  • Housing: Ply-Wood
  • Finish: Natural (Wood)
  • Power On/Off
  • 230V / 50Hz
  • Ground-Lift switch
  • Including 3m jack cable
  • Weight: ca. 14 kg

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